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Crystal Borer (Canalis Vicus)

The crystal borer is the most common trogloxene in the Crystal Caves. Crystal borers are colonial, crystal-dwelling organisms, with each colony being led by a single mated pair, a "king and queen" of sorts. The rulers of the colony use waterborne pheromones to communicate with the workers, each scent unique to each individual colony. Each colony typically occupies one crystal, which the workers use a special acid to dissolve. The solution produced by dissolving the crystal is then sent to the workers at the top of the colony, where it is used to make the crystal larger. There are several groups within a nest: The king and queen, the nursery workers, the nest expansion and repair workers, the guards, the general workers, and the foragers. The foragers and general workers are the ones most commonly seen outside of the nest, as they are the ones responsible for finding all of the food (Although general workers can do everything in the colony). Crystal borers are omnivorus, feeding on whatever the foragers can find. Each colony maintains its own territory, although colonies will blend their territory together if it is advantageous to both.

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